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#AmplusRun is a ‘’Fun Run’’ designed for all ages and abilities, no rankings, no official results. Its driving purpose is to share positivity in the world by performing simple, meaningful actions. You can run anywhere you want, any day you want!

(treadmills are accepted),

we all run united!

The goal of the #AmplusRun is to inspire others, the best way to do that is share positive videos and pictures of your run. Some will run in funny costumes, some will share pictures of street art they spotted, some will just share their smile.  Be creative, any post sharing positivity is welcome.

Use #AmplusRun and @AmplusRun on social media to inspire and let people know you are partaking in a positive event and to

share happiness, hope and love. Stay Positive & have a good run!

#AmplusRun     @AmplusRun




#AmplusRun is FUN RUN for all ages and abilities. There is no ranking, no official results. It is about sharing positivity by performing simple actions

You can select the distance you want to run: Any km, 10km, 5km or 2km

You can run anywhere you want, outdoor or indoor. Treadmills are also accepted.

You can run any day you want.


To register it’s easy, simply click on register, select your running distance and fill the form. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to your inbox with all the details of the run, as well as a reminder so you don’t forget to put your running shoes on!

Inspire others by sharing positive videos and pictures of your run. This is about sharing smiles and happiness, hope and love. Share on social media using @AmplusRun or #AmplusRun

Some will run in a funny costume, how will you share a smile with us?

Use #AmplusRun and @AmplusRun when sharing your posts

Stay Safe & Share a smile. Follow the health advice issued by your respective regional authorities. Please practice social distancing and wear masks.


All finishers will receive an E-certificate



We have come up with some nice shareable avatars

Design and print or share your bib

Share your best running costume

transform your itinerary into art


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